Thursday, June 01, 2006

Anticipation of a Trip

Well, here I sit, the night before my trip to Orlando. I'm a little nervous. It's been a while since I last flew.

I've been thinking about the phenomenon that hit the country after 9-11. People fearing the planes and the rides they saw on television that morning. I'm not thinking of things like that, but I remember how much that event effected my industry. People weren't traveling for meetings and trade shows in the city were postponed or outright cancelled. It was such a huge event in the US, but everyone seemed to feel it.

Tomorrow though, I travel for business, although I will try to derive some pleasure from it as well. I'm traveling with an old friend whom I haven't seen for a while which is good. We are meeting another old friend in Orlando, but this guy, I'm not too eager to see. I know he's a decent guy, I know this. I just have a past with him and he was too much a part of my now infamous "drug era". If he's changed, which is possible as well, then it will be interesting and probably fun to catch up after all this time. We'll see.

I'll be taking as many pictures as I can, hopefully I won't annoy the crap out of my trip companions, since they don't seem to enjoy the camera the same way I do.

I hope I can have some fun while I'm there. I know I'm booked in for a bunch of industry related parties and functions like the AV awards, but I need me some real chill time too, in a pool preferably.



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