Sunday, June 04, 2006

Chilling At The Pool

I was able to walk back to the hotel today from the Convention Center. My plan? To take a small trip down to the pool and the hot tub.

It was beautiful, to an extent. After about 45 minutes of lounging around, the skies closed up and a thunderstorm made everyone scatter. Oh well... This is a family hotel. Most of the people here are all families vacationing together.

We all made an observation last night. It seems that big breasts are the "in" thing down in these parts, sort of what we all think of California and how if women there don't have implants, they aren't on par with all the other women. This surprised me. I'm still naive sometimes and I have a hard time seeing the difference between reals and fakies when they are just dressed up the same.

When I watch porn, of course I can tell the difference and it's not so hard, but all you have to do is look for the "baggy" look of the breast and voila. It's just strange to be in a country where breast implants are purchased like one would purchase a set of winter tires in Canada.

Ok... YES, before I get asked, and I know I will be. There was a woman in the hot tub, the "18 person hot tub" with me, she had bigguns, but in keeping with the family theme here, she had her two kids with her. So no... there was nothing there. I'm just making an observation here.

Oh, and another thing. I decided to take a different elevator to my room, one that is closer to my side of the building and there was a woman getting off on my floor. Now, I got all turned around and had no idea which way I was going and ended up accidentally following her to the end of a hall, which I thought was just the corner of the building on the way to my room. She thought I was following her and quickly got in her room before I could close in for the kill. HAHA...

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