Sunday, June 11, 2006

Time To Return

I'm sitting here, on Sunday night, dreading my return to work. There are plenty of things I need to look after and I just know that I will be inundated with the damn questions about my trip. It will be a stand still type of day.

The other thing on my mind these days and it's been on my mind for weeks now is my girlfriend losing her job with her company having been purchased by an IT supply chain company competing with Ingram Micro in our area.

I'm only nervous because in my life, someone not having a job is always a recipe for disaster. My family has never been comfortable not working or actively bringing money in. It must be the European in us, or the immigrant in us.

In this case, my girlfriend has decided to take the summer off and spend time with her kids. It is typical of her, and it's something she's going to be happy doing. It will mean that she will either smother her children or she will be so happy to spend some time with me, away from her kids, that I will experience a whole new form of lovin'.

I almost forgot. My crazy girlfriend goes out for my birthday and buys the Canon Speedlite 420 ex flash for my camera. Think about this. I know I must drive her nuts sometimes, because I'll always have my camera with me when we go for a walk or take a day trip out anywhere. Somehow, I'm always behind a camera. Too bad baby, you're not helping at all. Haha.



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