Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Montreal - Part IV

While in Montreal, we decided to take in a museum that would teach us something about the city and how people settled there. This was the museum building and if anyone wants an interactive and well put together presentation about the history of a city, this is the place to go to. Don't ask me the name of the building now, it's French and I can't remember it, but if you walk on Commerce street by the old port, you can't miss it.

The old clock tower was a bit of a challenge, judging by my girlfriend. You're asked to endure 200 steps to the top of the tower but you're rewarded with an amazing 360 degree look over old Montreal and the old port. This place is not build for anyone who may require a steady diet. I met up with an older over weight lady in the spiral staircase from the tower and I thought I was wedged in there pretty good. Luckily she sucked in a few pounds and we were both on our way.

More pictures of the basilica.

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