Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Julia

A kid's birthday is important, we all know that. Still, it seems to me, when families are having a tough time, the tough comes out more when these kind of events are planned.

Julia had her birthday party today. It was fun, but families are the way they are. I can sense drama in the air sometimes, i can feel there is a strain when certain people share a space. Don't get me wrong, there were no words exchanged from what i could see, but i do see is people all hudling into each other to speak ill words. I'm no better. I had to lean over to my girlfriend and mention how her sister in law, who feels she is god's gift to men, didn't seem to make much of an effort on her looks this day. Still, although i did make that mention, i was only one of the many people who seemed to have gentle conversations requiring close ear to mouth.

After today's event, the place to be is the same as usual. I didn't feel like joining the party, especially since i've installed linux on my computer at home and there was much work to do to finalize my comfort with the operating system. This is my first post since my linux migration.

Tomorrow may be another day with the kids, one week to go before my trip to Montreal with the girlfriend and it's time to start planning our sightseeing.


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