Sunday, July 30, 2006

A 2 Week Vacation

It's been a crazy two weeks. The family being away really gave me a feel for how i would handle life on my own. It was busy, as evident by my lack of time for updating this blog or any other online activity i have.

It seems like every day I've been doing something or recovering from doing something. My girlfriend being home for the summer means the calendar is filled pretty well. Between spending time with the kids and the rest of her family, the summer tends to get hectic with all the birthdays and other special days.

I figure this is the time now where i see more of the reality in the family. The "honeymoon" is over, so to speak and as with most families, dysfunctions rise to the top eventually. It's nothing earth shattering by any means, the dysfunctions in my family trump others' on most days, not a contest. Still, overall they are all well meaning people and that's the real value of a family and when times are tough, the support is clear.

I'm picking up the family from the airport today.



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