Friday, March 17, 2006

Raptors Game With Old Friend

Just getting home from the game. Now, I'm obviously a huge basketball fan, I just can't seem to get enough, but by this time of the year, I'm getting tired of my home team, the Toronto Raptors. I guess I can take just so much of the losing before the interest itself is lost.

March Madness is here. It's time to see the young players playing for pride and another chance to take the floor another day. No one is making the big bucks yet, no one's ego is too big for the gym they play in, and it's slightly refreshing to see.

Sometimes you find yourself far from people you used to spend quite a bit of time with. I was accompanied to this game by a co-worker that I actually became friends with for a time in my life, a time that I was quite destructive to myself and my mental state of mind. But the strange thing isn't that I was such a goof then, its that I thought he was, and I feel I went out of my way to remove that personality from my life, after all, I was too good for him, wasn't I?

The guy is really a good person though. Someone interested in everyone being in a good mood and in a good place in life. I'm a little ashamed of how i acted towards him in what i wish was another life. The guy is good company, i laughed all night. Always a joke, always something to say i feel interesting.

I'll see him again soon, but i was happy to come home.

The Raptors won a game again. Damn, they can't even play the draft game right. The more you lose now, the better a draft pick you will probably end up with. C'mon boys, lose one for the Gipper.



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