Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Beat Women at Their Game

I was just listening to the Howard Stern Show and Jim Beluschi gave away one of the best secrets on how to deal with women and sex, and it's actually something I've done myself. It was strange to hear it on the radio.

When you're having sex with a woman, it's inevitable that you will eventually climax. Women know this, they expect this, it's almost something that has to happen for them to feel like the act is complete.

So the secret to gaining more sexual power is to not climax. Don't cum! This will put the thought in a woman's mind that she can't just expect that you are so tingling through her skills that you'll burst.

Once I was having sex with a girl who thought she was God's gift to man and was known for doing her song and dance with many guys but never actually going through with the act. With me, the song and dance went farther and the sex wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She was cold and unfeeling and I thought to myself, "how can all these guys be so into this girl"? But I suppose, the way she carried herself before being under the sheets was sexy enough that guys would expect the sex to be great. Little did they know.

Afterwards, she was curious. "Did you cum?" she asked. "Nope". It was true, I didn't cum, I was into her body and everything, but there was no way I could cum with a girl that didn't seem to express anything. It wasn't happening. I didn't feel bad about it, but I could definitely tell that this was bothering her. I just told her "I don't have to cum every time", and that's the exact line Beluschi was just saying a man should use.

I just thought that was funny. Who knew.

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