Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What? I can't be?

In the ever running fiasco of my crazy female co-workers. The woman who brought my girlfriend and I together, is once again on the bitch path to her watch tower loving week.

This past weekend was a great event for me. I don't know how to convey my happiness and general good feelings I have over being asked to be the godfather for Melissa, my girlfriend's sister's baby. It really means something to me. I means that they believe I'm a good person. They see the way I interact with that little girl and they can see that I love seeing her smile and care about her and how she's feeling.

All my life, as most people, I fight for acceptance. Although I have an air about me that I couldn't care less about people's thoughts of me, I still want to be accepted and I still want to be thought of as one of the group, to be included in activities and have my opinion voiced.

I like feeling a part of my girlfriend's family. Of course families have their moments too, when people aren't really seeing eye to eye, but with this family, in time, things are forgiven and the best effort is made to make sure things are left in the past and approaching the future with a clean slate is common. I want to be a part of that. That kind of family is not familiar to me, if you consider my background, you'd understand.

So this woman at work found out I'm the godfather of this little girl and her feathers were instantly ruffled. She seemed to question my validity for the position. She of course doesn't know anything about how I am with the family, how I interact with anyone there or what we have experienced together already. This is of course, on purpose. Her question to me was, "how can you be the godfather?" "Umm... they asked me" "What happens if you and your girlfriend don't stay together?" "My girlfriend is divorced and her ex was the godfather of another of the girls" "That's different, they were married!"... WTF?

Anyways. This woman still seems to hold everyone else to her beliefs or expects everyone to be what she believes they should be. Well fuck me.


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