Monday, July 10, 2006

When It's Good, It's Good!

I've been walking around in a daze. I don't even know what to say these days. Most of my posts are completely filled with negativity and i know I'm simply amazing at picking out the bad over any spot of good in a day.

This weekend was the type of weekend I've been waiting for. Not only was the weekend good, but the whole week seemed to just click properly.

If you read this crap i write regularly, you know that my relationship with my girlfriend's kids is important to making me happy. I know i don't have to or want to be their daddy, but just that we get along well is important. Over the last week, the kids have been so nice and warm towards me and towards having me around them, it's left me smiling and ready to kill, kill, kill the person that pinches me outta this dream. I'm serious, i will kill that person.

I've been feeling so low on energy these days, i don't know how the hell i get up in the morning. The thought of running 5k right now makes me tired. I need to rest up or something, especially since i'm going to have to perform more often when my mother and sister go to Portugal on vacation next week. Time to eat right... ummm.... mmmmmmmm ice cream.

One thing on the negative side, and this just wouldn't be me if there wasn't something negative, but this is more serious than my usual self loathing spew. My new god daughter to be Melissa is sick and fighting an infection of some kind in the hospital.

She's a great little girl, still smiles and gets excited when she sees visitors, even though she's got an IV in her arm. It killed me to see her yesterday crying her eyes out when the nurses came for a blood sample requiring no less than 6 attempts at finding a vein in her chubby little arm, before they finally got it from her hand. I had to do everything i could to keep from welling up myself.

I hope she's outta there soon and back to the abuse she takes from all the other kids at home.



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