Monday, July 03, 2006

From The Weekend And Back

What a weekend. I feel like i haven't stopped. I've enjoyed 6 days at home, away from the responsibilities and headaches of my job. I've tried my best to put my boss's voice out of my mind.

Let's see, my activities this weekend...
  • Canada's Wonderland - Adult Day - Very good time. First time in 14 years that i've been there and first time i've been able to even entertain the thought of roller-coasters and all the topsy turvy that those rides bring you.
  • Canada's Wonderland - Kid's Day - Bad weather almost ruined the day. It was a thunder storm after thunder storm kind of day. Everytime little Julia wanted to go on her favourite roller-coaster, the skies would darken and the impending storm would close down the ride. Boy she was down. We were able to get her on the ride a few times, but it was a trying day.
  • Lord Of The Rings Musical - After rushing my girlfriend through the first movie in the trilogy, we were able to get a great deal on tickets to go see the musical downtown. The production was entertaining, but i can definetly see what people are talking about. There is too much great material in the books and the movies to put on stage. I mean, who has 8 hours to sit in a theatre? That would be the only way the stage production could come close to what people would expect.
  • Garden Brothers Circus - This is what i have to look forward too. Tomorrow we will take the kids out for what i hope is a great fun night. Oh i hope they have fun.
Now i'm sitting here, typing this and dreading my return to work. This is why i don't take too much time off work. I don't take time off unless i know there is something to be done, but when i take too many days off in a row, i really get used to not having to deal with what i deal with and it makes it a hell of a lot more difficult to accept my office.



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