Sunday, August 27, 2006

8 Days A Week, I Stresss

I don't want to start re-thinking my job, but man, I'm feeling quite stressed now. I don't think it's going to be this crazy for a long time, since last week and this week some of my co-workers are away on their vacation, all their work load and any of the issues that come with their clients gets dumped on me. It's not something I'm ready to accept and I'm having a hard time with it.

I haven't fought my acute anxiety this hard since I first ended up in the hospital a few years ago and ultimately needed medication to take care of my issues. I know a hell of a lot more now about how I handle things now than I did back then, so I hope that with that knowledge and the support I receive from my girlfriend and family, that I'll be able to handle this easily and find myself back in my comfort level soon.

My way to handle stress at work over the last 2 years has been simple. I just can't care that much about what I do. I take things seriously, but I don't put enough weight into what I do that it stays with me all the time. I've been in the business now for over 7 years and I've seen people come and go simply because their fault was caring so much that they could no longer sleep at night, unable to accept our limitations and the processes our company puts us through.

I will break out my hypnosis relaxation tape again and seriously consider visiting good ol' Doctor Berndt.

What bothers me now is that I'm putting my girlfriend through this kind of anxiety episode. She's been through enough and I don't like to add to her worries and I want to be strong for her and be there for her when she needs me and when I'm dealing with this anxiety crap, I don't feel like I can accomplish that.

Well... here comes another work week.



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