Monday, April 17, 2006

The Look Of Love

One of those weekends is over. The weekend was quite busy for me. Being a part of a new family through my girlfriend isn't nearly as difficult as I had imagined, but it does take time and energy, mostly because there are so many kids involved and kids are always up for some attention and drama.

It was great to look over at my girlfriend at one point in the night and seeing her smiling her lovey smile. I know she's turned on by seeing me enjoy my time with her family and especially with the kids.

The negative? The food is too good and there's too much of it. If I'm saying food is good, it usually means it's not helping my goal of losing weight anytime soon and as such I really have to start controlling myself when it comes to shoving the grub in my mouth. I have a tendency to eat really late in the evening or early morning, if I stay up late enough. Hell... it's after midnight right now and my mouth is watering as I write this. Maybe it's something I need to see my good ol' hypnotist about this.

The last 2 times I've gone out for my run, I've completed the 5k goal I've set for myself and I haven't been doing horribly with my time, but during the last portion of my run and continuing throughout my "cool down" walk, I just can't help but get down on myself, my effort and my commitment to this thing. I'm disappointed at myself for letting the winter do what it does to me and get me off my game. I don't see enough improvement, in my own eyes, and yes, I am completely aware that my own expectations might my a little unfair. I have once again gained more weight. I know that when you first start running, you don't necessarily lose weight right away, but by the third week I would expect to see some kind of progress and there just isn't any here. Oh Well.



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