Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Proof Murdered

By looking at me, people don't think I like hip-hop, but that is my favourite form of music and as most white guys wishing for fame in that industry, I would of loved to have a portion of the fame Eminem has, although I just don't need the whole gang life, dirty streets, Detroit thing.

Eminem is also responsible for bringing us D12, the side group he formed with his best friend, DeShaun Holton, otherwise knows as Proof, the "other buck-toothed rapper".

Proof was murdered this morning after getting shot in the head while at a club on the now famous 8 Mile road.

Now I know what people would think, and I have to admit, I think the same thing. How can a guy that is known to have all this money, who is famous and recognized in the streets where he grew up, where he was once living the street thug life and I'm sure had his run-ins with unsavoury types, end up hanging out where he is real likely to get shot.

Now, I know that Eminem is not hanging out in areas like this. It's not about "keepin' it real", is it? Was this guy just hanging out in the dirty part of town so people don't say he sold out? Is he maybe just not the sharpest tool in the shed?

Way to go Proof, take a successful young career in music, keep it real, and die young. It's a shame.



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