Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hey, It's Father's Day

Yes, once again it's Father's Day. I don't especially consider this a great holiday since my father is pretty much out of my life and no, don't cry for me, this isn't anything that really bothers me much. He's got another life now and has other responsibilities. Of course I would never say a father should forget his children, but you don't know my father. This seems right up his line.

So this day I spent time at my girlfriend's sister's place and of course I got to see my future god daughter and her smiley face, which is always nice.

So, with my ever negative outlook on things, here's the deal. I've had a harder time handling the kids the last couple of times I've seen them. Not that I can't deal with them or something, just that they seem to wear on me earlier in the evening, and I don't feel too hot about that. I know I would be able to get further along with the kids if it weren't for them all being together, my girlfriend's and her sister's kids together that is. Wow, sometimes it's tiring.

I can't wait for our day out at Sibbald Point. We went there last summer and I think we all had a great time and it will be a break, seeing the kids all together but outdoors in a park.

What... just thinking about it. What the hell am I talking about here? I can just see Emma running off in every direction when someone's not looking, Anthony needing an escort everywhere and dealing with the two older girls getting along with each other and any other kids playing in the park and water. It's gonna be an active day, but I still think it'll be fun.

So here's some shots of the day:



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