Thursday, June 22, 2006

When Friends Aren't Friends

How much responsibility is there in a friendship? Does any pertinent information need to be channeled through your friends first and strangers later? I always thought so. It's just a measurement of how strong a friendship is.

My girlfriend is struggling with this. Her best friend is pregnant. PREGNANT. Not the typical thing you wouldn't tell your friends, you know, maybe as soon as you found out and just after you tell your family.

This is the woman that set me up with her friend for a blind date, later admitting she had a problem with the way our relationship unfolded. All I can say is that this may not end in a friendly fashion at all. We all know when women have words, the words scar. I'll stay out of the way, as best I can. How would you feel if your friend kept such an important thing from you?



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