Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sternly Stroked

Jebus, I'm sitting at home trying to listen to my dose of Howard Stern and of course, when he brings out the ladies with the sex toys, you can't help but get a little turned on, or somehow, the unit starts twitching forward on it's way to standing at attention.

You know what got me though? I got this response to one of my posts:
"You need your girlfriend to ride your cock and maybe even suck it for a little bit! God now that's turning me on just thinking about it.........Fuck now I really need something!!!!! Like your COCK hmmm"
Yes, this was my girlfriend at her horniest. Let's just say that to her sex is like water and a few days is like a walk in the desert. She's parched and possibly a little dillusional.

Well, I had to self perform after trying to keep my mind clear of any carnal urge, but you know how Howard Stern is.

My girlfriend scares me though, I'm only 30 this year and she's... umm... older. She seems to have the energy of a high school girl and I feel like if I feed that animal, it will kill me someday. I know, I know, as she is fond of saying, there are men out there that would love to have my issue, but hey, I'm not them. I'm happy that she's such a healthy sexual being, but I always remind her that even the best gun can fire only so many bullets. I don't know how many bullets that is, but wouldn't it suck if it was only say... ummm... 1000? Ok, that's a weak argument.

The truth is, I'm probably so out of shape and such a stupid wreck from time to time that I feel there's something wrong with me when I don't rip off her clothes and fill her tank.



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