Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wahhh... F*ckin Me!!

When I was little, I remember my mother criticizing a certain family friend that would always bring up how much money things cost and how money was an issue for her and her husband. The couple was elderly and enjoying their retirement and still didn't want to have to budget life as though they were working and making significant income as they probably once did.

Time after time, I used to hear how stupid this woman was for putting something on the table for dinner and always having to tell everyone how much that item cost and how this was a "special treat" only to be enjoyed at this or that time of year and only with good friends. I kind of saw the point of my mother's comments at the time and still agree, that what your financial situation is or what it takes to make your day to day life doesn't need to be advertised.

So over the years since my parent's divorce, she's turned into that same woman. The kind of person that airs her difficulties to anyone who will listen. Pity is her game and it's not fitting of her character as I saw it when I was a youth. I always saw her as the fighter, the strong personality, and now she's playing this game.

Life is difficult and we all deal with many things we rather not have to deal with. I have my own difficulties which I don't share completely with people, because, let's face it, they are MY difficulties and only when I feel they are overwhelming me, will I bring these issues to others for support, NOT PITY.

I understand my mother is a woman dealing with being single (dating), a mortgage and all other expenses that come with home ownership. I know she's gone through a scare with the breast cancer she beat off, although her defeatist and negative outlook to life in general didn't quite help that situation. But all in all, her problems, financially speaking, come from incredibly bad decisions she's made throughout the last 10-15 years and hasn't proved yet learned the lessons. I won't go into detail on that now. My point is, it's fine to have the issues, it's fine to feel you need support, after all, the reality is what it is and she feels she needs help and sympathy, but I'm unwilling to meet that need, knowing all I know and seeing how she got her with my own eyes.

Today is my sister's birthday party and all smiles are on...



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