Friday, April 07, 2006

The Tease Game

I've sent this message to my girlfriend. Let's see what the response will be.

Anyways. This is going to be an interesting weekend. My sister is having her birthday party and it will be a regular giggle fest over at the Noonz household. Maybe a tickle fight will break out. Something about a bunch of girls getting together makes me squirmish.

I had a frank conversation with my sister and i don't know what i can do to help her anymore. The girl is now 18 and doesn't seem to be growing up at all. I listen to her conversation and what she brings to the table when the family is in the midst of discussion and her immaturity and lack of knowledge is astounding to me. I don't know how to impress on her that the ability to effectively communicate in life is important.

Her reaction is predictable. She gets upset and doesn't know how to improve herself. I just think that all these years of her not caring about general subjects like science, nature, people, society and general knowledge has caught up to her. I think this is one of the reasons she's had a hard time with her friendships. All her friends, somehow, end up turning their back on her and being highschool girls, it's natural that they just tease each other until someone develops an eating disorder.

I fear for her future though and selfishly, i feel for my future with her, because i think that somehow, i will be responsible for helping her throughout her life. It's not that i wouldn't help my family when they need help, but in this case, i think i will need to help with the "regular" things, that i would expect anyone to take care of on their own.

I'm sure my girlfriend will help me be a good brother, for a while.



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