Thursday, March 30, 2006

Final Exam

Well. Here i am, just moments after finishing my final exam for the A+ course at my school. I was thinking about this for a week already and just needed to get it all over with.

My girlfriend was as motherly as possible and staying on top of me to study, but work has been such a busy thing in my life that i can't get a minute to think, let alone actually open a book and study a subject like this one.

Well, i'm feeling pretty good. In the week that i landed 2 of my biggest jobs at work, i can smile tonight after scoring a 91.4% in my final exam. Not too shabby at all, after not studying, but i have to say, this is getting harder and harder. I know if i didn't have to handle so many things in my life all at once, i could probably ace the course and quite easily, but such is life and such is the responsibility of being a human these days.

I'm happy. It's off to dinner with the class and off home. I still have to get my actual certification done throw CompTIA, and i will book the exam sometimes soon, but for now, it's rest time.


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