Monday, April 03, 2006

Sure, Relationships Are Hard

I was just checking out the hotel I'm staying at in Orlando, looks nice, but too bad it's a business trip.

First off, I want to address the comment made on my last post.

Marriage is difficult, I have to think that. After many years of relationships, I know things take work. It's the amount of work required that people differ on.

How much doubt exactly is necessary to say marriage isn't the step to take? How many things not in common should people have to deny themselves of life long companionship?

I look at all my relationships and I can see in each and every one of them, something that didn't quite sit perfectly with me, and that's just human, I think. The idea of "perfect" mates is something made up and editorialized in Cosmopolitan, meaning it's something people are told to look for and in reality what people needed to find is someone who complements them while letting them be free to express who they are without trying to change the parts of them you don't necessarily appreciate fully.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that nothing is perfect. Yes, we need to think of our reasons for stepping into marriage. I've been with women who felt the reason for relationships lay with this dreamy semi-realistic world, filled with white knights, beautiful stallions... wait... unicorns and where love can conquer all. I don't mind having issues with a woman, as long as communication and understanding is clearly available. I don't expect someone to change for me although i'm willing to change a little for someone, it just depends on what exactly the change is. I've been down on marriage for a long time, especially after my parent's situation blowing up in my face, but meeting the right person has definetly made me reconsider my thoughts on the subject and i think i'm more open minded today.



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