Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sour Puss Alert

Yeah, I'm gonna rant a little. Not unlike most of my posts.

I was the first child, and as such, I was supposed to be the spoiled child and the one my parents made all their mistakes with, and mistakes were made, let me tell you. I can't exactly blame them for every mistake, since I still believe most parents make mistakes and can't help it. It's all a learning process.

So what brought this on? Well, my mother in her infinite wisdom, decided to take a trip back to the motherland instead of putting her money into something good, like paying down her debt. Anyways, I've made my mistakes as well, so I can't really hand out financial advice, I don't think.

So with this trip, I was going to be left with my sister at home, lazing about in her pajamas, eating ice cream and french fries for two weeks.

This morning, I find out, my sister has whined and bitched enough to buy herself a trip with my mother. In one way, it's a great thing for me, because the two women in my life that cause me the most strife will be out of my way for 2 whole weeks and I can just do what I want... Ok. I do what I want for the most part anyway, but at least the only person I will have to answer to, is my girlfriend.

Yeah, actually, as I type this, things don't sound nearly as bad. What burns me is that the girl doesn't do anything with herself. She hasn't been a star in school, doesn't have a job, gives everyone attitude and doesn't do anything with a smile on her face. I've told her many times, she doesn't seem to appreciate what anyone has done and continues to do for her, which is one of the main reasons why I've chosen not to do much with her anymore. So finding out she was rewarded after all this crap really left me at a loss for words.

Oh well. Yes, it's a bit of sour grapes. I've been handling myself for a while and I was pushed so far for my own means and I didn't get the kind of treatment my sister's getting now, but anyway...

... my girlfriend will tell me, "don't worry, enjoy it while the nuts are gone". That's true, I should and will enjoy it, but I know she's just looking forward to a weekend where she can moan and scream out her pleasure without worrying about family over hearing it. Dirty girl... haha.



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