Friday, April 28, 2006

Dinner For Four

I've been wanting to spend more time with my girlfriend's kids. I think it's important for both myself and them to be used to being around each other, I mean, after all, I think the plan is to one day see a whole lot of each other on a regular basis and they are good kids.

So with this in mind we decided a little romp in the park and dinner would be a great idea and for the most part it was. The kids loved the park and being by the water gave them a chance to see the swans with squatter rights down by the lake. Yeah, those birds can get downright nasty when pushed, but the spring is young and they haven't been burned enough by the beach dogs to get testy just yet.

As with most times out, I brought the camera.

Dinner was going to be more challenging. Never enough to entertain kids, I find. I used to be one of those people going out for dinner and leering in the direction of parents with small children hellbent on disturbing your dining experience. I always though people need to control their kids, but things have changed now for me as with so many other things and now that I know these kids well, I realize, this is just the way kids are. My girlfriend's kids are full of life and are always curious and pushing the envelope, which is something that makes them as cute as they are and sure they can be a handful when held to the restrictions of a public dining establishment.

As I commented with my girlfriend, these kids are so used to inhabiting such a bigger area than the confined dining area around our table, it's difficult for them to understand.

The most positive thing? My heart is warmed by the goodbyes. Both the kids were warm and responsive to my goodnight and goodbye. I tell you, you can gauge a lot of what children think from the way they greet you and leave you. They were warm and I feel good. Posted by Picasa



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