Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Looking for Some Time

Big trip coming up. I've been away with the kids before, but it's always been with some kind of child distraction available. When we go to Delawanna Inn, the kids are in camp programs and there are entertainment programs after dinner. Just a way to keep the people from getting bored, but more importantly, to keep the kids from driving parents nuts every night.

This weekend, it's off to Niagara Falls and to just a simple hotel for 1 night. It will be tough to keep the kids distracted enough. There's always the water park, the arcade, the restaurants and museums, etc, but ultimately kids never get enough.

I just know that a trip like this is never a relaxing kind of affair, and in my mind, most trips should be. When you get a chance to take time off work, it should be to unwind and recharge your batteries. This won't be the case for me, but let's just hope the kids are going to keep things cool.

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