Monday, March 09, 2009

Spring Forward? Who give a shit... really

Isn't it about time that we forget this whole day light saving's time nonsense? Got the whole world messing with their clocks twice a year, giving people the excuses they need to show up at work late, and yet another dumb ass topic to discuss over by the water cooler.

There's no real proof that the clock changing custom is having a big impact on our global energy saving efforts, and i'm sure we can find a more inventive way to remind people to change the batteries in the smoke detector.

I'm just tired of the custom and don't see any point, farmers don't care, people in office buildings and factories don't care, especially in this age of 12-24 hour shift-work.

Time to leave it alone already, we only keep the "fall back" time for 4 months now? Why bother.... America.


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