Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rainy Rain Rain

Isn't it always the case? The weekend that you look forward too more is the one that has no sunshine and nothing but rain. Every other weekend I look forward to spending extra time with my girlfriend since her ummm... whatever, has the kids. It's the time we have to watch a movie, go out for a walk, in general taking our time to really enjoy each other's company.

This became a forced movie weekend. Actually, for the first time in a hell of a long time, I actually paid for a movie. I took my girlfriend and my sister out to see "Silent Hill". After playing the video game for so long when it came out and having it scare the crap out of me plenty of times, I thought this would be a great movie to see on the big screen.

I guess I'm a little sour on the movie going experience. After all this time of sitting down at home and watching movies, I don't exactly appreciate the crowds, the over priced EVERYTHING and the way that movies need to be formulated to fit predetermined criteria someone somewhere decided would be most likely to create a hit.

In this movie's case, based on the game, the screenplay had to "explain" what Silent Hill was and what happened in that town. More time was spent on explaining away the craziness than on the actual visualization of the craziness in the game itself. Some of the scenes were very reminiscent of the game and fell in line with what I thought, but somewhere from the middle of the movie onward, the producers figured they had to hand feed the audience the story and to me it was ok, but not great.



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