Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day Is Not Special

How dare someone expect me to work on the weekend? Hell. I'm sitting here getting some work done and letting the Nets Vs Heat game just wash over my blurry tired eyes. This laptop screen is burning a hole in my brain and all I can think of is the damn AV proposal I'm working on. I think I'll be dreaming about projection cubes instead of my girlfriend cheating on me for a change.

I'm thinking about mother's day too. It used to be a day that I would use to take my mother out to a lunch and sometimes a movie. As was customary, I didn't really get a gauge of whether or not she appreciated it or was happy at all to have something to do with her time for once. Oh well.

You know. Of every thing I've ever given her for a birthday, Christmas or mother's day has ended up on a shelf or in a box somewhere, never to be used. Wait, that's not entirely true. She's using the 15 dollar answer machine I gave her when the old tape machine finally had enough of the semi-english message on it.

This mother's day. NOTHING. I haven't even thought about getting her anything. I'm not a bad son, i just know that money isn't really an appropriate gift anymore, even though if i question her and push her to tell me what she wants as a gift, she's going to say "money". The lunch though was still a go, right? Sure it is, except this time, i have to have her boyfriend and his kids go out to lunch with us. You think i'm going to pay for 6 people for lunch? I got news for ya... well... you know. Bah.



Blogger SFChick74 said...

You can never go wrong with flowers.

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