Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Terrorism and Emotions and Urinal Hair

Toronto fears terrorism. It's true.

I woke up this morning to the news that Canadians believe terrorism isn't likely to hit Canada, which of course is foolish. How many New Yorkers actually thought the towers were going to come down? Well, they wouldn't doubt anything now, would they?

I'm not saying everyone needs to walk around in fear, because it's not healthy and it's most definitely unproductive, but let's be serious here, no one can walk around thinkning they have a bubble around them, protecting them from all the evils in the world.

This being said, Canadians think the Toronto subway system would be the most likely target for a terrorist attack. Good thing I don't use that system anymore, but an attack on that target would definitely cripple the city.

Then I get to work and this co-worker of mine who is old enough to be my father is a wreck. Once again, things were said and done that hurt his feelings and which he didn't "appreciate". The guy is an emotional wreck, worse than I am... That's right, worse than I am. I have to believe, when I'm over 50, I'll be a little more stable than he is. I will always try to hold on to the youth I never really lived. I need to feel there are playful, fun things I can do, but I also want the responsibility of life. I'm not afraid of it.

It makes me think of the small things when i deal with this guy. He's lived a life of selfishness in my opinion. Although he may have been a good friend or provider of something, i get the sense that somehow, he won't do something unless he feels something is coming down the road in his favour.

I think i'm the same way of course. Man in general is selfish, but what i want down the road is simple. I don't need a lot of money, although of course, it would be nice, but what i want most is palpable, regular love. A life that most seem to think is just common place. Such a change for a guy that used to be on stage with small dreams of being a musician.

ARGH!, I don't know how many times i see this crap, but trust me, it's too many times and i have to ask EVERY SINGLE TIME. This day in age of all the trimmers and shavers available on the market, why do i have to see this crap?

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but i like the clean look. Maybe women out there aren't demanding enough when it comes to manly cleanliness, but if guys can expect shaven or trimmed beaver, then why can't the men cut down on the penile hair explosion?



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