Thursday, March 23, 2006

Inter-office Intrigue

Ok, that may be a little overstated. Ok, a hell of a lot, but none the less, it feels like a Tom Clancy novel around work these days.

I'm working on a major deal, one I shouldn't even be involved in by all rights, but hell, why not me? WHY NOT ME?

My co-worker though, the one you will all learn to be annoyed with, is also a loud mouth. It comes with being Italian. I know, Portuguese aren't that far off either, but you know what? You wouldn't mistake me for a Portuguese person on my worst day, it's just not who I am.

This guy though, is either leaking information on purpose to my company's competition, or is so stupidly gullible, that the friends he has (who happen to work for competitors), are able to easily procure the information they are searching for by appealing to his female like ability to hold on to information. "Sorry to all the bishes out there".

Let's see... my former co-worker whom I nicknamed sleepy (pictured here) was working on this deal and wasn't able to stay awake long enough to keep from being fired, and when he went out the door, my current head ache of a co-worker was his best buddy. I guess they both enjoyed the benefit of employment with no strings attached, like say... actually getting work done.

Being intimately familiar with this big project through the relationship, Talky, as I'll call him, was hoping he could now pick up the scraps and be given this major project, thereby extending his desirability within the company. It was a no go, and it was given to me.

I know, it's a long story, so just shut up and read it already.

Talky has been green with envy over this and expressed on a few occasions how he wished he had been asked to handle the job. So now, as the project takes shape, somehow information is leaking to our competitors and without proof, of course, the company can't do anything. So what do we do? We keep Talky out of the loop.

Oh but wait, this guy is so emotionally immature, he can't bear to not be inside on every single thing going on and today he was an emotional wreck, incapable of pretending he had something to work on. He was in my office, in and out, trying to get the most information he could, which was not forthcoming. I could see his eyes tearing up. Again... this guy is over 50 years old. I hate to say it, because sometimes he can actually be a good guy, but pathetic comes to mind.

By the way, that picture above of Sleepy in action or lack thereof was just one of many, many images I have. This sleeping in the office act was so popular that I started emailing these pictures out to the office staff and everyone had a laugh. It's not like I got him fired though, because he was sleeping for years before he got fired, and much of that time I had been visually documenting things from my cubicle seat which was facing him directly.

Now Talky has made comments that I, in some part, had something to do with Sleepy being terminated. That's right, it's all Noonz' fault, the fact that this account executive didn't sell anything in 3 years had nothing to do with it... Pshaw.



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