Sunday, March 26, 2006

238 and Beyond

Last year, almost exactly a year ago, i was in bad shape after some years of abuse, both mentally and physically.

238lbs is my weight today. Much better than i expected. The last time i had any significant activity was last November 20th when i ran 5 kilometers. I'm horribly lacking energy when the sun starts setting before 5:30pm. The winter can be such a downer and i've never been in a real good sustained mood through that season, but now the sun is working it's way to dominating the skies once again and it's time for me to get back into attempting some sort of regular workout and training schedule. Last year, i started working out at a weight of 254lbs and through hard work and a good mental attitude towards a training schedule, i was able to come down to 224-227lbs by the end of the summer. That's without really being anal about what i ate. I figured, if i'm working that hard to lose the weight, i'm not going to deprive myself of what i like to eat. It's going to be BBQ season soon and there's no way in hell i'm letting any of that go.

This morning i ran my first 5k since last November and my time of completion was 39 minutes. That's a whole 8.5 minutes over my best time of last year, but hey, it's only my first time this spring, so we'll see where we are in a few months. I will update my progress.

This weekend has been slightly strange. This is not earth shattering news i suppose, but someday the reverse will be true. I won't be able to have a bad weekend if i try.

I suffered an anxiety attack yesterday that left me quite confused. I have to expect these attacks from time to time, but usually, it's brought on by something that i can actually pin-point. Yesterday i couldn't, other than the fact that i've been feeling guilty for not maintaining my running this winter, nervousness over my last week of school coming up and the subsequent A+ exam i will need to pass to be certified.

This week i need to take care of getting my passport. Going to Orlando in June for my birthday, on business of course, but i will find some time for some fun while i'm down there. I will be bringing my camera with me and trust me, i will have some nice shots to share when i get back, but the reason i'm bringin this up, is that i found my citizenship card and i definetly look like an immigrant on the picture. Take a look.

That's an off the boat look, if i ever saw one.



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